C4L Yavin

Fully AutomateD Turbine BLade PRocessing

Automated Reopening 

Using its innovative 3D Scanning Technology and Data Analysis, the system is capaple of detecting blocked cooling channels underneath the thermal barrier coating within seconds. Once the holes have been localised they are reopened by removing the TBC coating using laser ablation. Since no mechanical forces are being applied to the TBC, the chances of chipping and other damages are minimised. Due to the fully automated process this technology substantially reduces cost in the manufacturing process of refurbished turbine blades. 

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Automated detection of the piercing during the drilling process; enabling repeatable and safe drilling with varying wall thicknesses

Automated focal position tracking

The position of each cooling channel is measured and compared with a model resulting in a corrected position. This leads to reproducible hole geometries and improved positioning on the part.

3D Topographie

Part suface is scanned within seconds; sealed holes are automatically detected and re-opened by laser ablation..

Drilling & shaping of holes

New cooling channels are drilled using a quasi continuous wave (QCW) fiber based laser. These lasers are characterised by their operational simplicity and require minimal maintenance, offering a robust laser solution. Hole shaping is achieved using a nanosecond pulsed q-switched fiber laser to ablate specific flow control geometries. Using a dedicated laser for shaping enables a high quality structuring and a fast processing time.

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