C4L Tatooine  


Integrated with up to 5 Axes  

Vision  System

For automated part recognition and information registration

3D topograhie Measurement

Innovative 3D topography measurement of parts enabling automated selective abaltion 

Femtosecund Pulsed  LAser

High-precision machining without heat influence guaranteeing best quality

Odoo • Text and Image

Selective laser ablation 

Selective laser ablation using integrated 3D topography measurement, components can be measured in the machine without the need to move axes. Enabling a significant advantage in terms of precision and process stability.

Die Software berechnet aus den gewonnen 3D Daten automatisch ein Laserprogramm. Anschließend wird das Bauteil auf die geforderte Geometrie abgetragen.

Stamping tools and micromolds  

Parts are measured using the 3D scanning program and ablated with
a femtosecond pulsed laser

  • High precision: < 2µm tolerance over entire workpiece

  • Outstanding surface quality characterised by low surface roughness

Surface marking

The use of the Synchro technology allows markings of an unparalled quality to be achieved; with the positioning of each laser pulse individually controlled

  • Sharp edges

  • Higher marking speeds

  • Corrosion resistant marking