Stamping Tools

Unimaginable possibilities

  •  High surface quality

    With our femtosecond laser system, surfaces of the highest quality with low roughness can be produced. 

  •  Precision

    Components can be manufactured directly from the CAD model. Deviations of less than 0.1µm are possible. 

  •  Process FLEXIBILITY  

    Processing of various materials such as steel, bronze, titanium and other metals, as well as ceramics, sapphires and polymers. 


Functional surface structuring of super abrasive materials

  • High surface qualities are combined with high productivity

  • Better tool performance and longivity

  • Complex structures are possible

  • Low degradation of processed material 


Typical Applications 

  • Surface structuring

  • Engraving of machine readable 2D or 3D QR- Codes within 

  • Engraving of "invisible" markings for anti counterfeiting

  • Surface structuring to manipulate technical properties e.g. lotus effect